Thank You Toronto Provides 250 Days Of Food At The Toronto Humane Society

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This summer we launched a cool product campaign to help spread awareness of the sheltered dogs we have in Toronto that also need our help. We released the Thank You Toronto Dog Leash alongside side our iconic Thank You Toronto Hat's many of you already own or know about!

As you know with our Thank You Toronto hats; For every hat sold, Thank You Toronto provides a meal for someone in need through our campaigns & local Toronto shelters. With little government funding, the costs of medical treatment, heating and power alone for the Toronto Humane Society can be extremely costly without small to large fundraising and awareness campaigns. That's why we at Thank You Toronto thought it would be cool to create a product campaign for them. The awesome thing about the product we created is; For every leash sold, It provides at least 1 Day(s) Worth Of Food For Animals At The Toronto Humane Society.

To kick off the season of giving, (even though that's every season for us), we headed over to the Toronto Humane Society on Sunday December 7th, 2015 during their Pet Pics With Santa Fundraiser to present a Cheque for over 250 Days Of Food at the Toronto Humane Society.

In case you didn't know, the Toronto Humane Society is not just a shelter and adoption service. They provide medical care, spay & neuter services, vaccinations, and dog training classes. If you have some time, make a visit and learn about some of the many different types of animals they have over there, what they do, and how they help!

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