Thank You Toronto Gives Back To Homeless With Toronto Facial Hair Club

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Toronto Facial Hair Club or TFHC for short is well, exactly what it sounds like. Year round, these mustache and beard enthusiasts travel the world for meet ups and competitions. Most imporantly they host an awesome local annual event and contest called Shag At The Dag. The awesome thing about this event is that it raises money in support of homeless in Toronto through the help of Thank You™ Toronto!

This year the event raised an astonishing $1200 and we used every penny of it to give back to the homeless at Evangel Hall Mission on Adelaide in the most direct way possible. On Saturday afternoon we headed over to Loblaws On Queen And Portland with David Hughes and Sam Zen Co-Presidents of the Toronto Facial Hair Club, and Chris Canavan - Founder of The Northern Beard Company.

We went through each aisle with cart after cart picking up all the necessities and much needed items requested by the Evangel Hall Mission including rice, pasta, canned foods, cereals, and much more. We also purchased Gift Cards to be used for fresh produce and meat in their meal services which can be picked up when desired so that fresh food is is always an option.

Look out for next years event by becoming a fan of the Toronto Facial Hair Club!

Here at Thank You™ Toronto our mission is to provide a meal and make a positive change with every item sold. The most important thing to us is giving back locally and in them most direct way possible and we're glad we could assist the Toronto Facial Hair Club in doing that.

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