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Mental illness isn't always easy. The stigma that surrounds it and mainstream ways of battling it can be very frustrating. Not unless you're Delia Xenophontos. She took the fight into her own hands by starting Mental Health Talks, an initiative dedicated to creating positive change, one talk at a time. Through various fun events, fundraisers, and meetings - Mental Health Talks is a source of strength for those who struggle with mental health issues.

Delia didn't start Mental Health Talks just to spread awareness of the issue. It started from a place of hurt, to help her own personal recovery. Prior to her starting her project last year, Delia suffered from an eating disorder, depression and anxiety throughout her life. Mental Health Talks has become a source of strength and she says it has immensely helped in the recovery.

Through all this, Delia now has a passion for neurosciences, medical research and helping people struggling with mental illness; she hopes to be a psychiatrist one day. We asked her why is she so passionate about helping others with mental illness? Delia says there are people all around us that are dealing with some sort of mental illness that society may choose to ignore - these individuals are often suffering in silence or trying to self-medicate which doesn't produce positive results.

We're excited to support Delia and her journey with her upcoming Mental Health Talks gathering called "Smash The Stigma". (Click Here For Event Information). It's happening during Mental Health Week on Friday May 5th, 2017. It's a Ping-Pong party held at Spin Toronto and is dedicated to smashing the sigma, one serve at a time. 100% of the proceeds and every dollar raised is going to - a national organization dedicated to transforming the way we think about mental health.

We asked Delia what she wanted our readers to know. She says she wants everyone to know that it's okay to talk about mental illness. If you're struggling, you're not alone, and most importantly you don't need to stay strong all the time. Just be here, because you deserve to be.

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