Charitable Campaigns

Thank You™ Toronto Garments & Accessories

For Every Item Sold, Thank You™ Toronto Feeds One Person.

Through Volunteers & Friends of Thank You™ Toronto, we work with local business' and distribution channels to provide meals for less fortunate individuals in the Greater Toronto Area. Click Here to see a little video on how we make this campaign happen.

Collaborative Socks

For Every Package Sold, Thank You™ Toronto & YoSox™ Will Donate One Pair.

As socks are the least donated article of clothing, we’re excited to expand the positive change and collaborate with YoSox™ on a series of Thank You™ Toronto sock designs! These collaborative socks are available in select stores or at

Dog Leash & Pet Products

Each Thank You™ Toronto Dog Leashes purchased provides a day of meals for sheltered animals under the care of the Toronto Humane Society.