Toronto Skyline 13" Laptop Decal

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The decal is specifically sized 13" laptops. However this decal can be applied to larger laptops or any clean, dry, or flat surface. It can be decorative art for your wall, door or window. Placement and size of decal on laptop may vary slightly from the image shown.

Package Contents:
- Cut-out vinyl skyline decal sticker designed by AveMariaBell
- Comes packaged in a envelope with installation instructions

Care Instructions:
This decal is an indoor vinyl and depending on the environment, it is durable for 3 - 5 years. Durability is always dependent on the environment. Can be applied to any, clean, dry surface. If you apply to a laptop, please keep your laptop in a laptop sleeve or in a separate pocket in your laptop bag. This ensures keys and other objects in your bag do not scratch or peel the decal.

Photos By Tai Moir @Hunter.Valley